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We Make Your Business Our Business.

It starts with an accurate, objective assessment of your practice followed by an action plan of execution.

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Administrative Excellence

and Front Desk Mastery 


Effective Case Management

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Patient Education and Positive Outcomes 

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Practice Growth and Expansion

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         Profitable Practice Strategies Since 1995

Profitable Practice Strategies is a full-service healthcare consulting firm.  We specialize in developing the blueprint necessary to build an infrastructure of operational excellence, allowing your practice to yield the highest return on investment.  Our unparalleled experience and knowledge have consistently provided the momentum necessary to help our clients achieve greater financial success and heightened brand awareness.

         Extensive Experience

For over 30 years,  Profitable Practice Strategies has served as a consultant for over 300 practices.  Our team of experienced professionals has made a significant contribution to the financial health of these practices while helping them achieve their missions.  We understand treating your patients is a top priority and have the knowledge base and experience to train your staff to work efficiently and independently on all the day-to-day tasks necessary to achieve operational excellence.

         Unparalleled Results

We have met or exceeded our client’s expectations in hundreds of cases; helping them increase revenue, improve profitability and achieve exponential growth, even in the face of a difficult economic climate.

         What People Are Saying

Wonderful practice management coaching!
Everyone needs a coach.  Even the best of us. 
After working with Lori for more than 10 years we continue to maintain our relationship with her and her firm so that we stay on top of our game for our patients. 
We are connected to other successful practices because of her network and we stay upd
ated on the ever-changing trends of practice management and development with her help. 
My team benefits greatly from the time they spend with Lori and each of them has grown professionally over time. 
This makes our patients happy, my team feels accomplished, and my life as the owner so much easier. 
I would highly recommend Lori as a coach to anyone looking to achieve their highest potential as a provider in our niche.
-Dr. Kevin Trembush

Working with Lori- 10 years now- has changed my life and my business. but most importantly, the lives of my patients.
Before Lori, it was all about my energy. Lori brought in structure, systems, and organization. Since Lori it's been VROOOOOOOM! Thank you, Lori!!! 
-Dr. Daniel Fenster


It has been a pleasure to work with Lori Allen for the past 5 years. I can confidently attest to her skills, dedication, and expertise in the field of consulting in chiropractic, physical therapy, regenerative medicine, and anti-aging. Her contribution to our organization’s operational efficiency was quite significant. Her ability to teach our administrative staff ways to streamline processes and implement efficient workflows has contributed to increased staff productivity and overall clinical organization.
Lori’s ability to establish rapport and build trust with our staff fosters an environment where our team is willing to implement her protocols without pushback. Her systematic approach has resulted in a more organized and harmonious work environment, which has resulted in a more positive patient experience. Our providers and staff now work together, using the tools Lori taught us, to drastically improve our outcomes. Our numbers have risen, our patients are happier, and we have been able to open more locations with a blueprint provided by Lori. Her exceptional aptitude and commitment to excellence can make a positive impact on any medical organization.
-Dr. Matthew Cooper

Additional Testimonials 


Profitable Practice Strategies
300 Liberty Ave # 1301,
Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA

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