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Lori W. Allen, The Staff Whisperer, has the Only Book You Need to Get Your Practice on Track NOW!

Are you ready to take a voyage to unrivaled practice success? Lori W. Allen's Sailing the Seven C's to Successful Practice Management directs you through all the ports in your journey, guiding you to operational excellence. As you sail through Calibration, Communication, Credibility, Consistency, Collaboration, Customer Service, and Creation, your vision for the future of your practice becomes clear and you will have the tools you need to achieve greatness.

This book is for YOU:

You are the owner of an existing practice.
You are an associate physician wanting to open your own practice.
You are an administrative or clinical staff member at a practice.
Become an expert in business leadership, business management, chiropractic marketing, customer experience, customer retention, employee engagement, and health care and operations management.

When you Sail the Seven C’s to Successful Practice Management, you have the tools to turn your medical practice into a premiere business of the 21st century. Whether you have been in practice for years, or you’re starting your success from scratch, the strategy guide provided here will take your goals and successes to the next level.

Like Lori, You’ll Be Kicking Ass, with Class!

The Staff Whisperer - Kicking Ass With Class  - Lori W. Allen


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