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Practice Success Tip

How strong is your training game?

Once you learn the job, you’re all set, right?  Absolutely NOT! 
If I were to boil down the ultimate key to success to its most
 basic and vital element, it would be training, consistent and constant training.

It can seem a bit overwhelming to consistently train staff, and it can be tempting to take experience/time for granted. But, even the most seasoned employee benefits from regular training.  The best way to ensure that training becomes integrated into the regular activities of your practice is during weekly staff meetings.  I am a staunch advocate of well-planned and scheduled mandatory weekly staff meetings with training time focused as the bulk of the agenda. Training during these meetings can take many forms.  The Lori W Allen PPS online University supplies you with a valuable, interactive tool that allows you to train your staff effortlessly.  Once you have the PPS online University, your training game is strong. Just pick your topic and engage with your staff as you team up with Lori W. Allen to guide and lead your team to success!

What happens if you train your staff and they leave?

Even worse, what happens if you DON’T train them and they STAY??


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