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Elenie Kourouklis, Client Coordinator

For many years, Elenie has been the go-to person for all your scheduling needs and your direct link to Lori. Whenever you've had a query or called the office, it's Elenie who's guided you. Beyond her role, Elenie stands out as an exceptionally dedicated and wonderful employee, consistently going above and beyond for both her colleagues and clients. While many claim to be "people-oriented", Elenie genuinely embodies it. The next time you spot Elenie at the PPS booth or ring up the PPS office, don't hesitate to inquire about the numerous growth and training initiatives offered by Lori.

Here's what you might catch Elenie doing at PPS:

· Organizing Lori’s extensive travel itinerary

· Engaging with our wonderful clientele

· Ensuring the office runs seamlessly and remains tidy.

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