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Lori W. Allen,  Founder and President

For over three and a half decades, Lori W. Allen's Profitable Practice Strategies has adeptly enhanced the financial and operational outcomes for more than 300 clients. Lori, a renowned authority in her field, collaborates with some of the most prominent integrated and physical medicine practices both nationally and globally.

​Lori's approach guarantees sustainable growth and heightened profitability for her clientele. She emphasizes efficient workflows, accountability, standardized methodologies, stellar customer relations, patient enlightenment, and elevated clinical results.

Throughout their partnership, Lori immerses herself in each client's business, tailoring operations by integrating industry-tailored benchmarks concerning clinical procedures, staffing, communications, financial oversight, office infrastructure, training, as well as promotional and developmental initiatives.

2018 marked the launch of Lori’s debut book, "Sailing the 7 C’s to Successful Practice Management." Garnering widespread recognition, this work is rapidly becoming a quintessential resource for practice success nationwide. Be on the lookout for Lori's subsequent book slated for 2024.

Lori orchestrates a variety of seminars spanning clinical, administrative, and managerial excellence across the country and is a frequent lecturer at esteemed academic forums. In 2015, aiming to provide customized and consistent learning, Lori channeled her vast experience into creating PPS University, a digital education platform. It covers a wide range of topics, from efficient front desk management to exceptional customer service, marketing mastery, and advanced business training. Through diverse mediums like boot camps, seminars, videos, online modules, workbooks, and exams, Lori addresses a comprehensive range of educational aspirations.

Lori is esteemed in her field and frequently presents for top state associations in Florida, New Jersey, Texas, and California. Emphasizing education, she informs professionals across the nation. Noted for her expertise in pain management and integrative medicine, Lori is a regular contributor to prominent publications around the country.

Lori has the distinction of being an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist in the past. Beyond her demanding professional commitments, she cherishes traveling alongside her husband, Ken, indulges in gardening, has a penchant for interior design, and adores spending time with her canine companions.

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