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Referral Programs Tips

The most inexpensive, reliable way to increase your number of new patients is to get referrals from your current patients.  It starts by just asking!  Many of your patients would happily refer friends and family members to your practice if the suggestion were made. The basis of a patient referral program is the organization of a conscious effort to ask and encourage patients to refer others.

Remember – the newness of the program and your excitement level will make the difference between an excellent referral program and an average one.

The important thing when asking for referrals is to use wording that is not only tactful but also natural to you. This should be an organic process.  If you are comfortable saying it, then you will appear genuine and will get better results in return.  If you commit a script to memory that does not match your personality, your patients will sense when you switch to autopilot and begin mechanically talking. This can create an uncomfortable situation that can easily be avoided by being your genuine self!

Look for opportunities to engage your patients and ask for referrals.  These opportunities happen every day, for instance, at the front desk during scheduling handoff, during the re-exam when a patient says thank you for helping them on the path to wellness, and when you are reviewing progress with the patient.  Always make the patient feel special, for example, you would say: “I would love to have more patients like you!”

Create and follow an organic, natural, and conversational script and identify opportunities to ask for referrals.  And, always, a thank you note should be sent to anyone who refers a possible new patient.

Get started today!

  1. Make sure that everybody on the team has a growth and expansion mindset.

  2. Ask for the referral!

  3. Have something tangible to pass on to the patient – a Preferred Patient Card.

  4. Have the referral program tastefully displayed throughout your office; letting patients know that you are accepting new patients.

  5. Always thank your patients for the referrals.


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